Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dogs vs Garbage

Ok, so I know this isn't about gardening, but I think it might be safe to say that most of us who garden also have pets. With that said I just have to tell you about this "scatmatt" thing I came across on the Internet. My 2 indoor dogs (aka "The Dufus Brothers" or days when they really piss me off.... like raiding the garbage & spreading all over the house: "The Damnit Brothers) have a real passion for raiding the garbage. They make it worse because knocking it over and doing some rummaging isn't enough. NOOOOOOO, these guys poke and prod it a bit, then they take the bag to the living room where they rip everything to shreds. On some really wild days they spread the garbage through the kitchen, living and computer room! They even do it when we are home watching TV or like yesterday when Manny thought he'd just give a quick peek.

But the worst part his when Duke (the german shorthair gets all guilty feeling, he then gets nervous about what's going to happen when I get home  which results in him losing control of all his bodily fluids, or that's what I try to think so that I don't wind up leaving my house in handcuffs while animal rights activists throw fake blood on me. Down to just an itty bitty piece of a single nerve and having tried everything under the sun, I desperately searched for a home for Duke and a solution to the garbage problem ( Manny, the puggle aka Boss, thinks he's just way to cute for anyone to be mad at so he completely ignores any ranting and raving).

That's when I came across this scatmat thing and it worked like a charm! NOT one single mishap since we  got it  last month. If I didn't know better, I would swear somehow it also infused us all with xanax or something cause everyone is calmer and happier!!! Yesterday I just happened to turn the corner when Mr Manny thought he'd sneak a peek in the garbage....he got a little zap and promptly backed up while giving the offending floor a very indignant (and unmanly) little bark. I hate to admit it, but I got a hell of a good laugh from it and the fact that: game over, I won!

"The Dufus Brothers"
Manny, the Puggle & Duke, The German Shorthair

If you got unceasing garbage raiders check this out:

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Karen said...

Hello, Jester, this is hilarious! Yes I think it's safe to say that those of us with pets (me) have days when they drive us up the wall, too! (Do you think animal right's activists would allow their garbage to be tossed around? I mean, would they be afraid to say no to the dog, in case they damage their psyche? and my second question is, where do they get the blood? Hmmmm....) So, before I leave here in handcuffs, thanks for giving my first belly laugh of the day! Excellent writing!!


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