Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wenesday

Friday, June 24, 2011

When the Natives Refuse to Leave

Tiger Lillies are "Natives" here in New Jersey. Last year I thought I had gotten them all out of my gardens...obviously I was very wrong! The worst offender or would it be the biggest idiot for that second picture: you see I THOUGHT I took that sucker out, cause there was a gorgeous big dark red daylilly right next to it that it was crowding. Imagine my horror as those stems got taller and taller, it could only mean one thing. Was I having an extravagant time with cocktails while gardening that day when I moved "that plant"????? Just an FYI, I don't EVER throw away any flowers, I put them in the hedgerow, otherwise known as "on your own" spots.. Guess I'm just going to have to wait and see where the red one turns up!!!! I get so ticked off every time I look at that thing. The other ones are just a matter of "I didn't get all the roots", so I'll dig them up again. But a tiger lilly showing up instead of my beloved big red.......if you could see me now I am snarling and gritting my teeth.......

Friday, June 17, 2011

Prettying Up The Hypertufa Planters To Sell

Ready, Set, Take a Sip, & Start Planting!

Made these last year, but nobody really "gets them", so after I had planted some of them all up for gifts (there wasn't anything in them till this week), the "AHA" moment arrived...

This little pot came from my friend Jane, well actually Jen insisted I take it home so that I would have something of Jane's. I refused to take clothes, shoes...I don't care if I'm the only one around with small feet like hers, I don't want any shoes...or clothes or etc etc . then Jen found this pot in the garage, it was just the perfect thing. Unfortunately Jane passed away suddenly last week at a young age of 46. If you look back from my posts in April, there is one that references a "Blonde". That would be Jane. If only I had taken pictures that day. The past 2 weeks have been a bit rough. I lost another friend from my church just days before Jane. His name was Frank & he was a wonderful colorful character who reminded me of my grandfather. I even loved his orneriness & grouchiness as he reached his final age of 93. At least with Frank, I know he has been long waiting to be with his beloved wife again. So of course as I am working on the planters, I made sure to fill up "Jane's Pot" & have a cocktail with her name on it.
Try to ignore the broken purplish one I forgot to take off the table.....guess I really wasn't using my head when I thought I could use 2x4's in the mold so I wouldn't have to make legs.....couldn't get those suckers out to save my life so I torched them....obviously not one of my better ideas huh?

"Jane's Pot" all finished & pretty, now to find the perfect spot for it in the garden...hmmmmmmm

Well, that's all I have. I am going to a flea market on Sunday(yes I have the hubby's approval to be absent the beginning of Father's Day..especially if it means I might actually contribute something to the bills) & hope I have some luck selling some of these. I also have some other "things" I'm working on. I started out on this web of blogs initially interested in gardens & such. WELL..HA...have you seen any of these DIY blogs??? How about the "Upcycling"????? I am in awe of these people and quite addicted to them now. I now find myself stalking garage sales, flea markets, and, yes, I will admit, people's garbage, looking for something I can give a new life to. I have several things I have done or in "process".  Couple of weeks ago I scored some gorgeous (!!!!) solid wood (not sure what, could be maple or walnut) cabinett doors that were never used & a huge pile of trim in every size, shape & color. YAY ME!!!! 5 of the doors I made in to chalkboards, & the last one which is plain I plan on using it to top a table base I picked up today. UNLESS...I can find a really cool piece of flagstone & figure out how to attach it....HMMMM...
AH, who knows, way to many ideas & projects going on at the same time, and don't forget that pesky school thing. MAN, summer classes are kinda intense this time around! Time to get my butt back to finishing something, hope you all have a great weekend!

"Cheers to my pals: Frank & Jane.
May God Bless You Always"

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Upcycled Recycled Trellis Thing

Before picture....yeah I know....a way bit before...and when it was lavender. So why did I spray paint the dumb thing that color & then put a clematis of the SAME color there anyway???  By the way, does anyone know what that metal thing I'm using for a trellis actaully is?

Well, it's part of a deer stand my hubby was getting rid of......before the clematis got going I sprayed painted the thing copper (about time I changed the color!!), but as you can see, the clematis was at the top & was going to need more room. HA! Had to get a new oven & I took out the racks from the old one thinking I might use them for the firepit, or something....YUP, something turned out to be the "trellis". A little wire here & there.....oh and look, just happen to have some old arrows in the garden (I use them to mark where I've planted seeds of some sort, well, when I remember, that is)

Spray some more copper all over everything...

Add a little bling.....these are also recylced. I had made these cute jars for laterns for a party a couple of years ago. Each jar was covered in modge podged colored tissue paper, then beads wrapped around the top with wire handles to hang them. Guess what I didn't do? Take them down & they broke over the winter. I kept the wire & beads & decided to bling my trellis with them a little.

WHALLAH! My new upcycled recycled trellis thinger!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sharing the Fix for Posting Comments Problem

Got this through various blogs, just tried it & it worked for me, so I'm passing it on:

Here are the steps from "Living In France" as I took them:

* Tools>Internet Options>Delete temporary files, cookies etc.

* Go to your Blogger Home Page to sign in BUT before you sign/log in click the F5 key on your keyboard. THEN sign in, BUT do not click the "Stay Signed In"/"Remember Me" box.

***** After deleting the cookies, and clicking F5..... in order to "sign in", I first had to "sign out", then I signed in and had to unclick the "Stay signed in" box.*****

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