Friday, June 3, 2011

The Upcycled Recycled Trellis Thing

Before picture....yeah I know....a way bit before...and when it was lavender. So why did I spray paint the dumb thing that color & then put a clematis of the SAME color there anyway???  By the way, does anyone know what that metal thing I'm using for a trellis actaully is?

Well, it's part of a deer stand my hubby was getting rid of......before the clematis got going I sprayed painted the thing copper (about time I changed the color!!), but as you can see, the clematis was at the top & was going to need more room. HA! Had to get a new oven & I took out the racks from the old one thinking I might use them for the firepit, or something....YUP, something turned out to be the "trellis". A little wire here & there.....oh and look, just happen to have some old arrows in the garden (I use them to mark where I've planted seeds of some sort, well, when I remember, that is)

Spray some more copper all over everything...

Add a little bling.....these are also recylced. I had made these cute jars for laterns for a party a couple of years ago. Each jar was covered in modge podged colored tissue paper, then beads wrapped around the top with wire handles to hang them. Guess what I didn't do? Take them down & they broke over the winter. I kept the wire & beads & decided to bling my trellis with them a little.

WHALLAH! My new upcycled recycled trellis thinger!


Grace said...

I like the beady-bling. I have a few makeshift tellises of my own. If nothing else they make for good conversation. I like your ingenuity.

ann said...

A really pretty little garden and I love the clematis--it is huge and fluffy.

gail said...

Your trellis reminds me of a space age tv antenna. :) I mean that in a good way.
I love clematis! Your little garden area is quite cute!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Very pretty!

Because I'm a huge language nerd, I'm going to tell you a little bit about two words, one French and one Hindi. Voila is a French word, meaning "there it is." It comes from the word "voir" meaning to look or see, and the word "la" meaning there. A good translation might be "ta da!"

Wallah is a Hindi word meaning a person who is employed in a particular manner, or a servant or other person responsible for something, often specified after it, for example kitchen wallah.

I'm thinking that your spellcheck is leading you astray, and that you probably mean "voila."

Axel said...

Pretty nice blog! I like flowers! Very interesting is the comment from "Lisa and Robb" if I got it well... Which one of you guys is the language nerd? Or is it a case of double identity? Just curious...Thx.

Raquel Amarante said...

Que imagens mais lindas!
Adorando seu blog!

*What images more beautiful!
Worshipping your blog!



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