About Me...

When I first started this blog, I was desperately trying to find a way to scrape up some pennies to help pay the bills, but it was already the middle of summer, to hot to even do anything out there, and then I actually started school, and then as winter came, it got harder to find something to write about, then I just kept putting it off. So, in a nutshell, I’m starting over. My blog is not just about gardening, its about all that life throws my way and the adventures that happen because of it.

Around 15 years ago I had had back surgery that left me with way to much time on my hands doing not to damn much. I was bored out of my mind. After finally getting all my "hardware" off, I decided on one of the gazillion things I imagined I would do when this time came (6 months!!) I decided I was going to make a garden across the driveway from my porch, yeah, that porch I've been sitting on, once it got a little warmer, plotting my comeback in a blaze of freakin glory. Well, physical labor was NOT really a good undertaking for someone recovering from a spinal fusion, so I had to go frustratingly slow. Believe me, that’s about as nice as I can put it to. So anyway, that's where my gardening adventures started out. Since then I have grown: my mind, my goals, my dreams my obsessions and addictions, as well as my well endowed girth.
Long story short, I now live on 2.28 acres in the quiet countryside of Kingwood, NJ where I still marvel with awe at the scenes outside my windows when I get up every morning. I lost my job shortly after moving here, & job prospects have been less than desirable to non existent, so, at 45 years old, I decided to go to college and learn myself some new tricks. With no job, again, I had a lot of time on my hands and the 'ol brain cells got going on overdrive. I am forever on the quest to learn something new, figure out how to make something myself, and dreaming of the future or some far off exotic land I would love to see. I am a good candidate for the "Jack of all trades, Master of none" award. I can't help it, I have an insatiable curiosity about everything. Well, not really, if you insist on me coming (dragging me) shopping  with you I will no doubt come down with an extremely painful backache that leaves at least one leg numb. I swear its like an allergic reaction.

So, there's a little nutshell of background about me. I'll share more as time goes on, as it seems I always have a story to tell of just about anything I'm doing. The gardening thing....that would be a Dad story, God Bless him and all the daylillies he has shared with people all over. Many thanks to all who stop by and help make this blog a success. I look forward to hearing from you, sharing ideas, questions, pictures, or whatever happens to be on your mind at the moment.

My Awesome Family
 daughter Jesse, me,  husband Ron, & my son Hunter

Refuse To Be To Old To Learn New Tricks 
 & Love Like Crazy!
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