Home Sweet Home

These are pictures of my gardens as of July 2010.  My main perennials for the seasons: irises, daylillies, black eyed susan & finishing off the season: sedum & mums.  I am a proverbial  "Jack of all trades, Master of none" sort of gardener.
I cannot claim to any sort of real functional plan when I planted most of my plants. When we moved from our previous home, due to some ugly circumstances, I took ALL my plants with me. YUP. DAMN STRAIGHT I DID. Even had my neighbor come over with his backhoe to take out a Japanese Lace Leaf Maple we planted when we first moved in 15 years earlier....it was either that or I was going to chainsaw it into something unmentionable. Unfortunately, the "Black Cloud" hadn't left us and we suffered several more traumatic blows soon after moving in. Took me quite a while to snap out of my funk, so meanwhile I had ALOT of daylillies (there was a lot of splitting & potting when they first came out), various other perennials and even shrubs (haha). Just looking at the them all it looked like an endless chore, especially since there was nothing  here except one little garden plot right in front of the house.
One of the biggest perks of our new house , as far as I was concerned,  was the stream at the back of the property which also happens to be bordered with rock walls.  I LOVE ROCKS. I am a fanatic. A big kick ass boulder for Mother's Day & I would adopt you in a heart beat for death do us part!!! Also, here, I don't feel like I must keep everything perfect for fear of giving anyone something to complain about, so, yes, I have become a bit of a slacker and a bum. I leave unfinished projects all over and my biggest sin of all: I have weeds, I have had some serious gonna have to bale hay big kinda weeds. But now a days life is so much calmer & more relaxed, I don't let these things upset me. I'll get to them when I feel like it or maybe I won't, depends on what mood I'm in.

Hope you enjoy my garden & please feel free to send me pictures of yours!

In front of the screened in porch was the only place that any kind of garden. I redid the stone wall and then extended it to the end of the house. Actually, I had stopped about 5 feet shorter and only recently made the wall go to the end of the house. Don't know what I was thinking the first time.

The Japanese Lace Leaf Maple, a successful transplant!!!WOHOO!
Although I have to admit, it wasn't an easy job. It was even stuck in the pickup truck for bit. A friend stopped by & we even tried to pull it out with his pickup.....let's just say the front lawn was a bit of a mess.

The shed, still haven't gotten the rock wall finished, but I also have changed my mind .... decided that I want to put in a small greenhouse right off the middle. This picture is after I FINALLY cleaned and weeded, what a mess! The butterfly bush here is my FAV.  I had tried and tried and tried at my old house to grow these. This last one lived more then one season but never got to be bigger then 3 feet max. The past 2 years here it did better, but this year it really took off! It smells so nice walking by it to.

This is my Haven. I still need a whole lot more stone for the "seating section" but for now it will do. I absolutely love to sit on my swing with a cocktail and watch the sunsets, the birds, the stars, the fire, you name it. I can sit here for hours by myself and be completely content with the world.
This is what it's all about!
I am fortunate enough to have beautiful views wherever I sit in this garden!

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