Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road?

OK, so maybe I'm just in a goofy happy mood, but I just LOVE this video!
For whatever reason, every time I watch this ( which I keep doing over & over since yesterday)
I just can't help but laugh & feel good. Yeah... warm , happy, fuzzy good.
Now who can't use a little of that?
That's it, that's all I have to say (as I sit here typing & giggling...).

Hope you all have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Irises have arrived, well, some of them....

These purple irises are like Tiger lillies in NJ, everybody has this color. These girls opened up a couple of days ago. I originally scavenged these babies from an abandoned house where I used to live.

This beauty was a nice suprise today! She comes from my Dad's gardens before he went all daylilly on us.

This yellow cutie is courtesy of my old neighbors. A few weeks ago they brang me a huge bucket filled with more! Next spring is gonna be YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW! Of course though I also have tons of the purple Japanese irises to, again from Dad's, he had ALOT of them. So many in fact, that my mom just mows them over after they bloom.....while we are still in the process of taking them out & giving them new homes.

Now, this baby, I've been waiting all week for. Or actually three years. Transferred these from Dad's garden three years ago and  they FINALLY decided to grace me with some blooms. I 've always loved these, BUT, in Dad's garden they were much, much darker. They looked almost black and like they were made of velvet.

So why is it that this patch of the garden is the only one with irises blooming?

AH, whose knows! I'm still waiting on other irises to let me know what I planted to begin with. The only other color that I have gotten blooms from since the initiall transplanting are a gorgeous bunch of white irises that just bloomed last year for the first time. I know I have peach ones somewhere, and the rest well, who doesn't love surprises!!!!???

Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Things Done At Last

FINALLY taking down this pine tree, it has been threatened to fall over since we moved here. One side was coming  2 feet out of the ground during a storm...creepiest thing I ever saw!

Young Grasshopper looks on as the master prepares his cut.

...and she is down! Missing both the house & the garden, nice job!

When you take one tree down, you have to plant a new one, or at least I think that sounds like a good plan, don't you?

This pic was taking a few weeks ago ( I can't believe the difference in the trees/leaves already!!!) I have finally gotten around to finishing (kind of) this piece off. I still want the wall higher around the new tree, with plans to build a wall in the back, also need to get the old chiminea over the corner so I can't put some flowers in there once the white irises are done. Now if I could morph into the Incredible Hulk now & then  life would be soooooooo much easier! Me & my big ideas just don't have big guns to pull them off without a lot of "back outs" & pulled muscles.....

Another old piece given a new life. Got this at the end of summer a couple of years ago for $7.50. Being unemployed I pulled the plug for the fountain, I might of gotten it dirt cheap but it still costs to run it! So I put a stake in the ground & put the fountain over it to keep it up when we have one of our infamous "winds" here, it just is a freak thing in our yard, I swear. Can't have any kind of tent structure here PERIOD. Anyway, been filling this up with hens & chicks & any other succulents I come by...yeah....I'm continuing my new fondness for them since last year.

Just a little bit of "yard art" has become yet another obsession to find the cool & unusual for my gardens. Hit the local flea market on Wen. & almost fainted at one table. Every piece was made of metal, iron, etc......gorgeous big door knocker shaped like the "Green Man", another shaped like a roaring lion's head, fancy gates, candelabras, chandeliers...oh it was just so awesome, but I believe the guy knew it so his prices were to high for me.  He told me a lot of people "like this stuff for their gardens".....and I thought to myself "NO SH** Sherlock, why do you think I'm standing here drooling like an idiot"....he so had me pegged and I was on to his playing dumb innocent vendor malarkey...jerk. So yeah, I walked away, all the while trying to come up with some kind of divine scenario that would justify an insane purchase that would do nothing but look absolutely magnificent in my garden. I could already see the looks of pure envy to all , and anyone, lucky enough to grace my garden.....

So here sits my backyard salvation. Mulch only started on the far side in this pic, but actually done now. I had to spray the dreaded Round Up to get some kind of control of the over populating dandelions that were taking over this inside area. Now I need some quarry dust to get the sitting area done once & for all.

Well today I switched vehicles with the hubby so I could have the truck to pick up any good finds (which also meant I left my camera in the car). I got a couple of pallets, & hoping the spot puts some more of the gazillion they have stacked by their store. Especially since they saw me taking them!!! HINT HINT.  As usual, I have all these  ideas & plans, I just need more time, more supplies and etc etc etc. I need a potting bench and being an unemployed student, I came up with the idea to use pallets. Searching the web I found some really cool things made from pallets: click here to check some out some of the ideas and this one for the potting bench. Of course I have a whole list of other stuff I want to make to!
Last final & class was on Monday, so I am officially on break till the 23rd. I thought the first day I would just chillax in the garden reading magazines & dreaming, but instead I got fidgety and starting mulching, and mulching, and planting flowers and mulching. You what that means right? I wasn't worth diddly by the end of the day, my back was shot. Same for the next day, so I mowed the lawn instead and got more flowers to plant. Monday night when I came home, I pulled in the driveway to see that my husband decided to take down the other in  tree in front of the house. Now it looks naked and the front garden really sticks out. That garden that I neglect the most because I hang out in the backyard......I AM allowed to have favorites if I want right??? Anyway, guess it's time to get "that" garden done & finished once & for all. I am even putting down weedblock, and I mean the good stuff to, to keep it more maintenance free. Time to get back to work. Hoping everything will be done (HAHAHHAHAHAHHHAH) before it's time to go back to school.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Manny: The Mole Patrol Master

Happy beautiful Friday folks! It is a gorgeous day in here in Jersey (finally!). I am half way through finals in school, so this is just going to be short & sweet,  just like my favorite four legged buddy: Manny. Seems Mr. Man noticed some strange lumps in the yard that alerted him to the posibility that those wierd little mice things have moved back to the property. Manny finds moles & toads to be extremely entertaining, and since this little infestation is far, far away from any of my gardens, I am perfectly fine with him tearing & digging away. Manny will sit, guard, dig, and root around with his nose in the dirt for hours on end, waiting to catch one of his itty bitty playmates. Can't say that the little critters feel appreciated by his fondness for them, but hell, you can't please everybody, huh?
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