Friday, October 29, 2010

I'M BACK! & I Still have a daylilly blooming too!

This darling started a second bloom season in September & is still going!

Really? Daylilly blooming in Jersey!!!

These babies look better now then ever

so these bad boys didn't do anything since I brang them home in the spring....NOW they decided to grow

Hey there folks!
Sorry for being away so long, it's been a bit crazy. You might remember that I had decided to go to college at the age of 45 & started last spring. I also did classes over the summer. Well.....the day before my last "summer" final I got called to come back in for more tests for a suspicious mammo..UH OH... thought for sure I would have to repeat that class cause my brain just stop thinking. Kinda felt like the world just stopped and I couldn't figure how to get off....I did manage to pass the class..SIGH...and then my camera decided it had issues as well and wouldn't work. Then I started right back into the fall semester. So in a nutshell, I was busy with school, no camera, and trying not to freak out for a month while they kept doing more and more tests. So honestly, any free time was spent looking at every breast cancer site available and convincing myself, that if I had it, it would be very early on and very curable, next task was convincing everyone else that I would indeed live and be just fine... I had school to do DAMNIT!

Ok, so there you go.....just had my last midterm and my husband actually fixed my camera....don't know which makes me happier! So, at last, I can continue on, here in blogland. big news that I've been wanting to share is this daylilly I have that has been on a second blooming spree since September. And you know the date today right??? October 29....yeah...FREAKIN OCTOBER! This is the second year this daylilly has done this, but this year it's lasting even longer. If you check out the pictures, it still has quite a few buds left to go to....definitely going to make it till November. Just a reminder folks: I live in New Jersey!  We even had frost at least on night in the last couple of weeks. And then check my allysum...the wierdos are the best they have been all summer. Yeah, so someone please figure that one out to for me!!!

Back to the cancer scare...... I got more done in the garden those first couple of weeks then I did all year. My garden was my bestest friend in the whole world. It didn't complain when I savagely ripped and tore at stuff I suddenly decided I didn't want. It didn't get scared or nervous to be around me when I started getting weepy, downright bawling or asking WHYWHYYWHYWHYWHYWHY??????? It just stayed put and let me take out every emotion I needed to release on it no matter what time of day..or night... I felt the impulse to get my hands dirty and do something constructive. So while my garden became more and more bare with necessary Fall cleaning, when everything was all said and done: the news finally came that I was in fact cancer free, and to me, my garden never looked more beautiful. Thanks to finally getting some rain around here to, I have finally been able to get back to my most favorites routines: sitting in my swing with a cocktail, in my garden, enjoying the magic of the setting sun...well, at least when I'm not in class.

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