Friday, August 5, 2011

REPOST for Dad's Birthday....Dad & his Daylillies

Today is my Dad's birthday, so I'm reposting this one. I also saw 2 daylillies the other day in his garden that are still blooming that I don't have. What I like most about these two? They're like 5 feet tall! One is a gorgeous pale peach, the other a spikey petaled yellow. Don't know how I never added them to my stash before, guess I should go over with my shovel & some pots.....but first going to go kayaking with Mom over at Round Valley. My daughter, Mom & I decided a couple of years ago that on the anniversary of my grandson's death we would do something we have never done before. A way of adding to our lives instead of just sulking. So I think we should find a little something to add to our "live list" today...hmmm....what kind of trouble can we get into today? The other week, for Dominic's day we went kayaking down the Delaware, which we have done before, but this time we stopped & had lunch at "The Hotdog Man" floating BBQ in the river, literally. The tables are in the water to! Then we ended at a different spot so we had to go through the "wing dam". We never considered the thunderstorms from the day before so we're a little shaky about doing this (not that either admitted it till after), only to find it was no big deal, at all!!! SIGH RELIEF EXHALE...well then we were done...OOPS! guess who took her keys with her & left them in the truck up river???? Long story short, within minutes Mom got a ride with a State Trooper....a first for Mom: riding in a police car! OK, lets see what we can do for the "first" time today!

My favorite picture of my Dad
James P. Halligan
August 5, 1939 - December 27, 2007
This blog is dedicated to my Dad. I caught the garden bug shortly after he did. First he started with irises, then he found his real love: daylillies. At one point he had over 400 different varieties. Dad, a very "anti computer" kind of guy, logged every single flower in a binder with each individuals information (name, cultivator, colors, height, location in the garden etc.). He also had metal name plates staked for each one as well. Dad's favorite thing in the garden was making more (AGGGGHH!!) gardens & splitting & potting the lillies to give away to anyone who wanted some. Of course I can't forget the how much he loved to take anyone who was interested, on a garden tour. There was always a promise of your favorite getting potted when it was done blooming.
Dad's gardens got to be more then he, or all of us, could keep up with and since maintenance was not one of his favorites, they began to get messy. Unfortunately the named stakes started falling down, sometimes got mowed over (really NOT good for the tractor!!!) or just plain vanished. Eventually the outcome resulted in of us no longer knowing what daylilly was what, well except the Stellas....everyone knows those!
Every daylilly that I have, originally came from my father except 3 that I had purchased on a trip to "Ralph's" with my Dad. Later on, when they got bigger, I split them to give Dad half. Below are a sampling of Dads daylillies in my garden. Now if only I knew their names! If you know their names please tell me!!!

These pictures were actaully taken last year. Since then I have a better camera and I am currently in a digital photography class. So hopefully my picture taking skills get better!!
When Dad first started this adventure, one of the first presents he had gotten was a rock engraved with Grow Dammit! Now maybe it's a New Yorker thing of some sorts or maybe it's just my family, but I always considered that to be spelled "damnit", so now you also know where I got the name of my blog from. And yes, I am a total rough and tough total sentimental pile of mush, just don't tell everybody!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad!

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