Friday, July 22, 2011

My New Upcycled Potting Bench


Made from pallets & a piece of old plywood from a relatives deck redo. I was going to do this myself
but hubby stepped in and did it for me!!! It was a little hard for him to stick to my "making it out of free stuff"
concept, but in the end I think he was proud of himself to that we made it all for free.

Adding some sealer/stain

Atlanta Bridesmaid.....My Absolute Fav! and the only daylilly that I remember its actual name....
Caster Bean's new home
All done with shelves to. The quail pen next to it will be getting a make over as well soon. Also going to be bringing up rocks from the creek to build up in front  of the bench, eventually I'll  probably make a landing with cement.

Look what hubby brought home! I love free stuff! These are some of my husband's brother in law's "babies". His castor bean plants are more like trees, 14 foot trees! Meanwhile If you looked REALLY hard you might be able to spot my measly attempts at growing these puppies. His babies are monumental giants next to mine.

Like a lot of the country, its unbearably hot here. Me & Manny will be heading down to the river to cool off.
Hope wherever you are, you are getting relief to!

Is anybody else having problems with pictures staying put when you are doing a post? This is driving me crazy. Sometimes I can move them back where I want, and other times I want to rip my hair out. If anyone has any tips on posting using pictures I would love to hear them!!!!

Low, lie the Fields of Athenry,
Where once we watched the small free birds fly,
Our love was on the wings
We had dreams and songs to sing,
It’s so lonely ‘round the Fields of Athenry

In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Grandson Dominic
July 18 -26 2007

Friday, July 15, 2011

A little clean up & prepping a site for my homemade DIY potting table

OK, so it doesn't look that bad from far away, but this is actually quite a mess

Been working on getting all the weeds out of the sitting area, been very neglected while finishing up classes. As you can see, I have taking some of my time off chilling in my pool... I decided to change the water first and was using the bucket to splash water in & around the flowers, you know, no wasting the stuff around here! BUT.....what I didn't know was that my cat, Tess, was sleeping under the daylilly leaves and she got whacked with a bucket of water...OOPS
Amazing with just adding an umbrella can do, beside the fact that  it is just plain beautiful outside today.

The pictures weren't staying in order UGH...anyway, here is my latest addition to the gazebo graveyard. Hubby moved it to my garden since its been almost 2 months since I said I would clean it up. This puppy lasted a whole week, I think, before trying to see if it could fly and do flips etc. I thought, or maybe I should say dream or prayed, that if I put it on the side of the garage that maybe, just freaking maybe, it would escape the freak wind tunnel that insists on barreling through my backyard.
Back to the this up today so I can start on my potting table. I'm going to up cycle some pallets for this baby!
Making some nice headway here till this showed up:
you know that song: I don't like spiders and of course it took some convincing to get this guy to move on, I was taking over. But then it seemed like everything was moving and probably a snake....OY!
Add caption
Well, she cleaned up pretty nice, though I still have to get rid of some stuff, or put it somewhere or who knows.
Of course the whole time I have been working here in MY garden, the house wrens who are raising a family here have been very vocal about letting me know it was THEIRS. Check out them ears in the back, cool huh? VERY, especially since I grew them last year for the first time dug them out in the fall & promptly threw them in a bucket and forgot about them in my basement. I wasn't very nice or considerate to them, but apparently they weren't offended. I really wasn't expecting them to do anything so I am very pleasantly surprised and promise to treat them with more dignity and respect this fall!
Looking much, much better! Time to get making some hypertufa castings off those leaves to!!! Hey, notice the cleome that has made a late appearance this year off to the left. Just when I thought none were going to show up, they are popping up all over again.

OK, seriously, I swear I do NOT have a chimnea addiction, well kinda sorta maybe. Thinking the one on the right is going in the garden in the fall to be a new planter next spring. This particular garden is actually on top of my septic tank (on the right). There are TWO manhole covers and about 5 or 6 pieces of PVC pipe sticking up all through  it.  I will put the chinmea on top of one of the manhole covers since my other contraption I have there rusted away and couldn't hold a potted plant anymore.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Home from the Beach, Life is Good!

Manboy & I were here at the end of Sandy Hook, because YES, everything we do now revolves around fishing... he caught 19 fluke before getting caught by the ranger for fishing in an endangered species area...$300 fine....The extremely nice ranger let him go!

These next few daylillies are some of the flowers that bloomed the morning we left

Hunter, aka Manboy, was a VERY happy camper yesterday when he caught this
42 inch, 27lb striped bass while fishing in the bay with Uncle Timmy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

School is Done & My Jungle Awaits

This little bugger scared the bejesus out of me when he flipped out of Irises onto my hand which made me flip and scream like a big girl till I landed very unlady like on my behind. Of course this is in the front yard just 20 feet from the road so the all my neighbors and passerbys can see how well I handle funky unexpected visitors in my garden.

Attempting the first round of clean up, clearing out the Irises that are done. OH and the daylillies that those cute little four legged bastards helped themselves to while I was concentrating on school. The long legged rats even came right up to the porch and had themselves a little buffet party. Since then I have resprayed my special tonic just for them, making a new batch today that I will make extra special for them....hehehehehehehe
Ron's Father's Day present: Sango Kaku , we both absolutely adore these trees!

My little piece of Heaven , all nice and filled in with 5 inch weeds n the middle where I sit. Started weeding last night after a thunder storm passed through, made things much easier. Just a little more to go and some weed wacking and she will be looking mighty fine again.

YIKES, can you see all that grown in stuff in the middle now??? Was hoping to get the "patio" part done this year, filling in with pea gravel or quarry dust, but there just wasn't enough $$ to get it done. Maybe next year. I really really wish I could have a gazebo over the picnic table, it looks so much nicer.....but Mother Nature doesn't seem to agree with me at all!

Well, school is done for now..YAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! This summer session really kicked my butt and kept me on my toes, my hair standing straight out and my teeth clenched alot. Of course now I feel really strange with the pressure gone, like isn't there something I should be worrying about??? I must be forgetting something???? Anyway, my apologies to my buddy bloggers that I haven't commented to lately, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Hope you are all doing well and
have an awesome 4th of July!
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