Friday, July 8, 2011

Home from the Beach, Life is Good!

Manboy & I were here at the end of Sandy Hook, because YES, everything we do now revolves around fishing... he caught 19 fluke before getting caught by the ranger for fishing in an endangered species area...$300 fine....The extremely nice ranger let him go!

These next few daylillies are some of the flowers that bloomed the morning we left

Hunter, aka Manboy, was a VERY happy camper yesterday when he caught this
42 inch, 27lb striped bass while fishing in the bay with Uncle Timmy.


cathysue said...

the smile on that face(my stepson's name is also Hunter) is almost as big as the fish :)

Grace said...

Nice catch! And beautiful flowers.

Karen said...

Oh, thank goodness the ranger was a nice one! It looks like you had a great trip, and that is one BIG fish with an even bigger smile.

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