Monday, July 4, 2011

School is Done & My Jungle Awaits

This little bugger scared the bejesus out of me when he flipped out of Irises onto my hand which made me flip and scream like a big girl till I landed very unlady like on my behind. Of course this is in the front yard just 20 feet from the road so the all my neighbors and passerbys can see how well I handle funky unexpected visitors in my garden.

Attempting the first round of clean up, clearing out the Irises that are done. OH and the daylillies that those cute little four legged bastards helped themselves to while I was concentrating on school. The long legged rats even came right up to the porch and had themselves a little buffet party. Since then I have resprayed my special tonic just for them, making a new batch today that I will make extra special for them....hehehehehehehe
Ron's Father's Day present: Sango Kaku , we both absolutely adore these trees!

My little piece of Heaven , all nice and filled in with 5 inch weeds n the middle where I sit. Started weeding last night after a thunder storm passed through, made things much easier. Just a little more to go and some weed wacking and she will be looking mighty fine again.

YIKES, can you see all that grown in stuff in the middle now??? Was hoping to get the "patio" part done this year, filling in with pea gravel or quarry dust, but there just wasn't enough $$ to get it done. Maybe next year. I really really wish I could have a gazebo over the picnic table, it looks so much nicer.....but Mother Nature doesn't seem to agree with me at all!

Well, school is done for now..YAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! This summer session really kicked my butt and kept me on my toes, my hair standing straight out and my teeth clenched alot. Of course now I feel really strange with the pressure gone, like isn't there something I should be worrying about??? I must be forgetting something???? Anyway, my apologies to my buddy bloggers that I haven't commented to lately, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Hope you are all doing well and
have an awesome 4th of July!


Karen said...

Well, it looks like you have tamed the jungle very quickly! Everything looks great, and I love your Japanese maple trees. I wish we could grow them, but no such luck. You have a wonderful summer now that you're done with school. Time for fun!

ann said...

Your hard work is paying off; your garden is beautiful. I just planted a very small Japanese tree. Hopefully it takes hold. Keep up the good work; your results are amazing.

Tufa Girl said...

It all looks wonderful to me. So beautiful and green. A color that is fading quickly from our local landscape. Outta the way, I am heading to your kiddie pool!

Axel said...

Wonderful! I love your garden and what you did with it! Keep up the good work! :)

Grace said...

Your garden looks so pretty. No wonder you love being there. Congrats on being finished with school. I hope you'll enjoy your break.

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