Monday, July 12, 2010

Starting new things

I've been working on this blogsite most of the a new of course I have complete tunnel vision. That would be OK but as an unemployed displaced employee, I am going to college for the first time at 45. Been almost 3 years already since losing my job. It's been great having time off, but also very humbling (& down right humliating!) *SIGH*. My ship of self esteem has left the bay and is lost at sea somewhere. Well, except when I'm working in my gardens.

Tonight I start my second semester of school: Intro to Digital Photography & Intro to Anthropolgy. Photo class starts in a few hours and truth be told I can't wait. It was slim pickens for classes over the summer but this girl isn't complaining one bit! Someone is finally going to teach me what all those stupid dials, button, switches (and etc) are!!

Hopefully I will learn to take awesome pictures AND figure out how to display them on here the way I want them. Like I mentioned earlier: this is a learning work in progress, so hang in there with me! Over the next few days I plan to get some pictures up of the gardens around the house, as well as some "in development stage projects". OK, that really is everything around here, just some are more "in status quo" looking then others. I admit it, I get bored or impatient or ??? and just leave to work on something else for awhile. Guess it's the equivilent to mood swings? Anybody else do this?


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