Friday, April 1, 2011

The Carnivore is thinking of growing vegetables...

By pure chance, I recently had several doctor appointments all within 3 weeks of each other. One decided to do a full blood work up since it was early in the morning and I hadn't eaten anything. No big deal....until I got a letter in the mail! I already decided a couple of months ago that I was overdue to get my health and a decent weight back since the "Dark Years" were over for a few years now. I knew that if I didn't, I would face a real possibility of diabetes from being overweight. Last year I was put on meds for high blood pressure.
SO....I open this letter and "HOLY SH**!!!!!" "OMG!!!" I'm holding my breath and thinking don't panic till you google all this stuff and find out what it means, and in the back of my head I'm thinking what dumb *** doctor's office didn't call me to warn me about this!
I figured out that I am now "pre-diabetic" and have stage 3 kidney disease...O-M-G-! OH just freaking wonderful, I haven't even gotten through the dreaded "mammo" & surgeon yet, I need more  crap right now like I need a whole in the head. Didn't that first doc tell me to chillout and stay calm (my blood pressure has been all over the place for the past few weeks) yeah, I'm calm now, hahahahahahaha.
OK, so after panicking, throwing myself a pity party and hours googling everything under the sun, a long dreaded understanding started to to rear its ugly head in my face once again. There was no doubt what needed to be done. I was going to have to succumb to it whole heartily or else face the consequences of my actions.
 *Picture me screaming in agony loud enough for  the whole world to hear*.....
I HAVE TO EAT VEGETABLES....and fruit too!!!

Oh yeah, and stage 3 kidney disease is no where near as bad as it's sounds. What it really is, is a big wake up call to get off your butt and start taking proper care of yourself if you have any intention of hanging around for some time and actaully be able to do the things you want. I am now currently on week 2 of my new and improved diet. Even lost 2 lbs last week! No sugar, no salt (and I LOVE salt!) eating veggies and fruit, but what you don't know is how much I absolutely HATE this stuff!!!! In my quest to figure out how to pull this off, I recently tried adding finely chopped  broccoli and cauliflower to my sausage balls (my SIL got me & Hunter hooked on these). WOW! I can in fact eat these!!! As I am writing this I am cooking up my seconed version of these, and I have to admit I am pretty proud of myself right now. These puppies are mighty tasty and  I can't beleive they're good for me, YAY ME! I'm going to share with you so you can make these for your own veggie hating loved ones.

Jester's Good For You Sausage Balls

3 lbs sauage (out of skin)      1 lb frozen veggies ( thawed, I used a cauliflower, broccoli & carrot mix)
Some Fresh Spinach             8 oz Kidney Beans
2 large Garlic cloves            12 oz Shredded Cheddar
1/2 cp Parmesean Cheese    4 cp Bisquick
Rosemary                              Oregano

Chop all veggies as fine as you can, I use a mini chopper that works great. Seriously, I don't really measure anything (I just winged this, literally) so you can add or subtract where ever and whatever you like. Throw it all together in a big bowl and thoroughly mix together. This is major sticky messy!!!! Roll into meatballs and pop in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350.

Guess who keeps picking and eating these babies?

I am still amazed at myself that I am actaully eating vegetables and fruit. I still can't stomach to just eat them, I'm chopping them up and putting them in something else, but HEY, whatever works! Sometime during the day a make a fruit & veggie smoothie. Same thing: chopped up veggies (like a whole cup!!), light fruit yogurt, some fruit (whatever I bought that week) some V8 Fusion juice and the best part: whipped cream! I swear, fruit yogurt can wipe out  the taste of anything I think.

Now that this is to become my new habbit, I'm thinking of growing my own vegetables and fruit. Like I need more to do....anyway, this is all uncharted territory for me. One in a while I would grow a tomatoe plant, but it pretty much was on its own. I just didn't love it like I love my flowers, I know, sad, but true. Of course this year I also have a new dilema which also poses a problem. After 3 lucky years, last year's extremely dry summer led the deer to cross over to the forbidden zone, the land of dogs a plenty that could roam the property at will. HA! they're on to me now. They know there is a wealth of amazing tasty buffet plots over hear, I'm so screwed!!! While I have a great homemade tonic that is pretty successful at keeping that at bay, I never had to do an all out total garden hose down with it. So do I try  adding vegetables in between the flowers of the beds I already have, or do I make a new plot just for the veggies and fruit? I really don't have the $$ to build Jurassic park to keep out the critters either. Does growing your own food really save money??? Should I use seeds from produce I am eating or should I buy seeds??? Anybody that wants to throw me a bone and give me advice, I'm listening!

I don't know about you, but I have to keep my meds in the kitchen in plain sight so I don't forget them.
This is my fix for making my window sill & meds a little more attractive.


Karen said...

Oh, Jester, I feel your pain, I really, really do. I know what it's like to get those letters in the mail and the panic that ensues. I hope the doctors are all wrong--they DO make mistakes you know, I'm a walking testament to that fact. (Plus, I'm still walking, which is a good thing.) I just wish food wasn't so darn tasty, because I crave all the things I'm not supposed to touch, too.

I am also not a fan of vegetable gardening, though I do it, and I don't know either if it's all that much cheaper but I do know the produce is much fresher and way better if you don't use pesticides. Having said all that, do I enjoy vegetable gardening? No.

You and I are SO much alike, we could talk for hours. You are being so good-natured about all of this and doing the right thing by finding new ways to cook. Congratulations on your weight loss, see, it's working already! I'm so envious, keep up the good work and let us know how it's going.

Casa Mariposa said...

I am really glad you've embraced a new way of eating. My mom struggled with her weight until she seriously changed her eating habits. If you replace the fruitty yogurt (too much sugar) with vanilla Greek style yogurt (no sugar, high protein) and omit the whipped cream (pure fat), you'll have a shake that will be really healthy. Try using turkey sausage in the sausage balls. Hang in there! Being alive beats Death by Burger and you're way too awesome to lose!
Don't think of it as a chore or torture, but as a choice to live a longer life. :o)

FlowerLady said...

Dear Chester ~ I am so sorry you received such devastating news. Your attitude is so positive and even funny, and that's a GREAT start to a new healthier you. Those sausage balls look great and I bet they taste great too. I drink a smoothie that I buy in the juice section at the grocery store called Green Goodness. I get a craving for it so figure my body must need it. Moderation is a key factor in life, we just need to know when to cut back, make changes, and need to enjoy living life as best we can with the gift of each new day.

Wishing you well and congrats on losing 2 lbs.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment.


lifeshighway said...

Jester, you take care of yourself and eat those veggies. You sound like you are on the right tract.

I love the little window garden. Probably won't grow a lot of broccoli up on the window, though.

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