Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Fatal Sin to All Gardeners


My Neighborhood Locals

I swear I couldn't help it! My little bunch of yocal locals are having such a hard time with all this snow & ice. Woke up one morning and there were little itty bitty deer prints on my sidewalk to the house. That's something they have NEVER done before. They don't usually come anywhere near the house during any patrolable hours by our lethal Border Patrol specialist "Manny". Yeah well, I think Manny will be getting demoted, cause the deer no longer show any respect for my little guardian and do whatever they want now in their desperate quest for some munchies.
So, I confess, the hubby and I both can't help but take pity on the poor critters at this time and went out and got some corn for them. Hubby even "snowblowed" a path down to the back of the property, then made some clearings for them under the cedar trees, where he then spreads out a little buffet for them. So while a part of me feels better that I am helping my neighborly co -habitors through this challenging time, the other half is seething in self loathing that I have willingly let the enemies into my camp. What if they think that this is an invitation to come into my gardens and snack whenever and whatever they like???? DAMNIT! I just know I'm in big trouble come spring.

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